Why is GRP better than any other flat roofing system?

GRP is completely seamless so there is far less chance of water penetration. Furthermore GRP is a lot stronger and therefore more difficult to puncture or tear (than, for example, rubber or felt). GRP is ideal for balconies due to its durability and can withstand foot traffic.

What maintenance does a GRP flat roof / balcony require?

GRP can be swept clean and even power washed if required (but not recommended for felt or rubber). The GRP surface, however, requires no actual maintenance itself.

What colours are available?

Any colour is possible, also with a range of non-slip finishes.

Is GRP cost effective?

GRP is roughly the same cost as a felt or rubber roof but because of its longevity, it is highly unlikely that you would ever need to have the roof re-surfaced. This cannot be said for felt or rubber which will eventually break down long before a GRP solution.